Mind-To-Market Innovation

What Is Mind-To-Market Innovation?

Mind-To-Market Innovation Strategy sits at the intersection of generation, transformation and activation. It is our holistic approach to helping leaders who are seeking growth as an outcome for their organizations. To create this outcome, we empower companies to create agile cultures where innovation thrives and results in industry-shifting products, services, experiences and business models.
Our rigorous innovation process helps leaders like you create the future of your companies and industries. We help you:

  • Understand your core competencies and leveraging the power of your organization and brand
  • Explore and identify the unmet and unexpressed needs of customers
  • De-risk innovation by validating insights and ideas with real-world consumers through quantitative research
  • Infuse outside perspectives from our Global Expert Network

Our Mind-To-Market Approach

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Our collaborative process is focused on five interactive phases:

Discovery: We deeply explore the context of your business and your industry, and we thoughtfully reframe opportunities based on your aspirations, your brand and your core competencies
Immersion: We find new understanding and inspirations by immersing ourselves in current and future consumer needs, attitudes and behaviors
Insight: We develop and validate insights based on an understanding of consumers’ unmet, unexpressed and unknown needs
Ideation: We imagine and generate new ideas, products, services and experiences and the value propositions and business models that drive them
Activation: We develop, refine, design and build market-ready and risk-reduced consumer experiences

Client Impact

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Empowering People We Love To Live More Strongly At Home

Client: GE Healthcare

Focus: The Support People Need For The Care They Give

People who provide in-home support and care to their aging parents, loved ones and those for whom

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GE Healthcare
The Support People Need For The Care They Give
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Thought Leadership: Mind-To-Market Innovation

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