Customer Experience

What Is Customer Experience?

Our robust customer experience offerings ensure that ideas can mature past the concept stage to become successful products that retain their core value for customers. These services include: experience workshop facilitation, rapid prototyping, customer journey mapping, information architecture, UI design, branding and marketing/communications.

During implementation phases, we are committed to acting as partners with our clients to build the alignment and internal support necessary to launch market-differentiating ideas. To that end, we create internal marketing programs, educational programs and immersive experiences that allow employees to get inside the idea and walk in their customers’ shoes.

Our Customer Experience Approach

We take a three-phase approach to moving an idea from written concept to launching in market. The phases are designed to de-risk the implementation from drifting away from the original insight and focusing the implementation on efficiently solving for the consumer tension.










Focus defines the idea and experience so that it can be scoped properly and is an idea that is able to be implemented. This alignment also helps to define how the experience will ultimately be delivered to market and ensures the right artifacts are generated to prevent the experience from drifting away from the original insight.


The experience outlined during Focus is turned into a minimal prototype that can be tested with the identified segment. Based on the output of testing, an Experience Road Map is generated to ensure the first release is launched as efficiently as possible and provides a blueprint for future releases.


This stage includes requirements gathering, development, implementation and launch. It’s necessary in this stage to ensure the experience stays true to the work done during Focus and Prototype as well as continuing momentum toward launch and beyond.


Client Impact

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Moving Health Care From B2B To B2Me

Client: Major Health Insurance Company

Focus: Reinventing A Simpler Health Insurance Experience

In an ongoing, collaborative relationship, Maddock Douglas is working with the leadership of a major health insurance company

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Major Health Insurance Company
Reinventing A Simpler Health Insurance Experience
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Thought Leadership: Customer Experience

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