Culture Of Innovation

What Is A Culture Of Innovation?

Business model innovation, service model innovation and product innovation in a service industry all have three things in common: First, they represent the new frontiers in innovation; second, they require large swaths of employees to do their jobs differently; and third, they are really hard to do. More often than not, the “antibodies” in the system come out and block the kinds of significant changes that these innovations represent. If you want to improve your culture’s innovation readiness and capacity, the good news is: Your culture can do it; it just might not know how.

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We believe ideas are the “seeds” of innovation and culture is the “soil.” Launching an innovation initiative without preparing your culture would be tantamount to scattering seeds on unprepared soil — little to nothing will take root. We help clients design and cocreate strategic road maps to ensure the following six pillars (needed for a culture of innovation to thrive) are in place for companies to deliver what’s next.
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Our Culture Of Innovation Approach

Moving a culture is no small task and requires the careful orchestration of a series of “interventions” over time in order to overcome organizational inertia and create a culture generative of innovation. Below are the three basic steps we guide our clients through:

Gauge the current capacity for innovation amongst your workforce along the six COI pillars: customer focus, creativity, leadership, risk-taking, infrastructure and engagement. This creates the starting point from which to design the right approach.


Gain explicit senior leadership alignment on the case for innovation, the role of innovation in company objectives, and overall priority of the COI initiative. Determine and align on what the desired end point is  and ensure that senior leadership is role modeling the shifts needed to reach that goal.


Develop a road map to bridge the gap between your organization’s current state and its desired future state. Identify the cultural strengths you can leverage to gain momentum and determine the actions and interventions you will commit to in order to achieve the desired outcomes.


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