Client Impact

With Bugs Away, People Play

Client: SC Johnson

Focus: Decorative And Effective Insect Control

The history of insect control has not been particularly consumer friendly. By understanding the unmet needs of consumers, the drivers of insect control and repellency, and the essence of two brands, Maddock Douglas and SC Johnson conceived of an entirely new product category of “Decorative Insect Control” that made keeping the bugs away a personal, attractive and highly effective new behavior.


  • Helped conceive, develop and launch the “OFF! Power Pad Lantern”
  • Created an effective and desired solution that leveraged two of SC Johnson’s power brands, Glade and OFF!
  • Established a new product with a user experience and consumable/refillable solution that are meaningful to consumers
  • Helped create a healthy platform of new products and created the new product category of “Decorative Insect Control,” which added significantly to revenue growth and profitability
  • Drove the OFF! brand into a new store aisle, resulting in tens of millions in new sales


Maddock Douglas helped SC Johnson identify the growing trend of outdoor entertaining and the need for a decorative solution to pesky insects seemingly dedicated to ruining any outdoor social gathering.

“I first worked with Maddock Douglas while running a new product portfolio at SCJ and have since partnered with them in innovation leadership roles at several different companies. Throughout, they’ve consistently delivered new energy, insight and ideas to me and my teams.” —Category Manager, SC Johnson

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