Client Impact

Start Your Engines!

Client: Gold Eagle

Focus: Fueling Growth In Engine Additives

Gold Eagle asked Maddock Douglas to explore the needs of homeowners when it came to using small engines like lawn mowers, generators and snow blowers. Maddock Douglas helped Gold Eagle uncover an unexpected and unfulfilled need that was driving weekend warriors nuts and silencing engines everywhere.


  • Helped create a rich pipeline of new products that were natural complementary products to Gold Eagle’s flagship brand Sta-Bil across every engine category
  • Helped position products to be eagerly adopted by the professional repair channel


Maddock Douglas helped Gold Eagle launched the powerful gas tank additive that gets hard-starting gas-powered equipment running again. It also cures rough idling and stalling caused by fuel system problems.

“MD’s innovation process allowed us to quickly and efficiently get to market with products that truly satisfied consumer needs. Working with them is always enlightening, always rewarding and always a blast.” —CEO, Gold Eagle

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