Client Impact

Moving Health Care From B2B To B2Me

Client: Major Health Insurance Company

Focus: Reinventing A Simpler Health Insurance Experience

In an ongoing, collaborative relationship, Maddock Douglas is working with the leadership of a major health insurance company to reposition health care services and consumer touch points with a focus on consumer engagement, value and customer experience. In advance of health care reform, together we conceived, designed and helped implement new paradigms for healthy customer relationships while empowering the organization to thrive in a new health care environment.


  • Completely reframed, reimagined and designed the member and retail online customer experience to anticipate the post-reform market
  • Guided the health insurance company workforce through a comprehensive, consumer-focused orientation that is contributing to significantly improved customer satisfaction metrics (e.g., J.D. Powers, Forrester Customer Experience Index), more positive government ratings that directly impact revenue, significant cost savings, and an increase in premium-related revenue


With health care reform on the horizon, Maddock Douglas was asked to help the health insurance company develop an unparalleled understanding of their new consumers and help create the products and experiences that consumers would demand in the future.



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