Client Impact

Empowering People We Love To Live More Strongly At Home

Client: GE Healthcare

Focus: The Support People Need For The Care They Give

People who provide in-home support and care to their aging parents, loved ones and those for whom they are responsible are often consumed and exhausted by this onerous and noble responsibility. Through a collaborative relationship, Maddock Douglas and GE Healthcare produced a new level of understanding of the needs of caregivers and care receivers alike. This new understanding led to the application of technology in a way that transcended “technology for technologies’ sake” and delivered a fundamentally new, effective and dependable new experience for those who care and those who need that care.


  • Launched Intel/GE Partnership Care Innovations as a new business model
  • Spawned an entirely new market for GE and produced significant new revenues and profitability


GE Healthcare asked Maddock Douglas to help them think about the needs of an aging population and their caregivers differently. Maddock Douglas’ work focused on empowering an aging population by supporting their families and caregivers through the power of technology.

Maddock Douglas helped GE Healthcare create a wonderfully rich, intuitive and comfortable in-home experience for those needing care. The product concepts that were created doubled the performance of existing ideas. These concepts dramatically increased the opportunity value by 10:1 by identifying a counterintuitive but powerful new segment of people looking for simple-to-use, low-cost and dependable technology solutions to help them deliver the quality of care they intended to provide and the quality of care expected by their loved ones.



“We’ve been working very hard over the last three years to get well positioned as the market emerges. Maddock Douglas’ innovation work helped us leverage GE’s expertise in health care and Intel’s expertise in technology to ensure we start off much closer to the consumer and market need.” —VP Sales and Marketing, GE Healthcare

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