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Five Ways To Get Closer To Your Most Valuable Fans (Consumers)

As seen on Wired.com Look at Them With New Eyes and You’ll Find the New Business Opportunities “I wish we were able to get closer to our consumers and

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Mutually Minded

Three Steps To Enabling The Hidden Power Of ‘Mutual’ In Any Business

Contributors: Maria Ferrante-Schepis, Lauren Schwartz Article also published on insights.wired.com Innovators Can Learn A Lot From…

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Don't Just Be A Better Leader

Question No. 1 For Leaders Of Innovation

“Why should I follow you?” When you introduce your vision to have your company be even more innovative, you may think your employees will ask about cost, potential audience, probable success

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A Leader’s Worst Addiction

Our story begins in a nondescript room filled with tired-looking executives. Their chairs face each other in a circle. One by one, each person stands up and faces the group.

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The Dangerous Idea People

Yes, we know, few people understand your brilliance. But what you need to understand is that even as you read this, your name is probably being added to a file full of people who may be causing more trouble than they are worth.

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An Army Of One

Where there is innovation, there is a warrior; there is an army of one. There has to be, because without such a person nothing meaningful gets done.

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You Deserve The Team You Get

Whether you are a happy or unhappy worker, a good or bad manager, an enlightened or naïve leader, you deserve the team you get. Said differently, we all play a role in what our teams and companies become.

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Three Types Of People To Hire Today

Our interest is purely centered on working with teams that know how to support one another as they go about creating and launching industry-changing ideas. To achieve this kind of success, hire the following three types of people:

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Three Types Of People To Fire Immediately

Show of hands: How many of you out there in Innovationland have gotten the “what took you so long?” question from your staff when you finally said goodbye to a teammate who was seemingly always part of problems instead of solutions?

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Account For It

A committed (Ring)leader implicitly asks the same question in every meeting: “How does this help us get to our vision?” That’s what happens after you make a sincere declaration—if you are serious.

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Innovation That’s ‘Born To Run’

Three lessons that business leaders and innovators can learn from Bruce Springsteen’s music In brainstorming sessions, we often use a technique called “WW_D?” It’s our variation on the popular saying: “What would

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Major League Innovation

We are often asked about ways to innovate beyond the traditional business setting. In honor of the All-Star Game, here is our suggestion to the owners of professional Major League Baseball teams: Sports teams run on

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