Are We Responsible Revolutionaries?

On this July Fourth, we celebrate and find inspiration in the revolutionary legacy of 1776. Like most patterns of revolution, after periods of oppression by out-of-touch power structures, a constructive curiosity about what “can be” eventually overcomes a group of people.

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Innovation Isn’t Porn, It’s A Relationship

Powerful relationships take commitment and the right kind of effort. When innovation is compared to anything, it illustrates the fundamental difficulty we have in the representation of abstract concepts. InformationWeek columnist Coverlet

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Two Concrete Steps Toward Mastering Innovation Management

When we engage with a client on an innovation project, typically there is a round of stakeholder interviews. Often, key people in the organization will tell us about the time

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Why Innovation Fails: The Past Vs. Future Problem

Having worked with business leaders for years in the pursuit of innovation, I have come to realize that there is a fundamental reason for failure. Companies have two modes of

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