Innovation Certification

As the number of innovation software and consulting services continues to grow, perceptions are shifting from innovation as a fuzzy and ambiguous concept to a definable and learnable strategy. The evidence of this is in the growing number of degree and certification programs now including innovation and design thinking in their curriculums, and the resulting best practices have made innovation increasingly actionable and valuable to practitioners.

At Maddock Douglas, we believe innovation is paramount to success in a world where creativity, customer empathy, parallel thinking and engagement with the future are the new norms, and we’re committed to the further development of innovation best practices. In an effort to support and promote this, we certify every employee with our internal Maddock Douglas University (MDU) Certification Program. In addition, we’re actively involved with and hire talent from a number of institutions that are paving the way with innovation-related certifications and degrees, including:


  • Stanford University: Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (
  • Northwestern University: Segal Design Institute, Master of Product Design and Development Management Program (MPD 2)
  • University of Notre Dame: Mendoza College of Business, Information Technology Major (ITM)
  • Benedictine University: Center for Values-Driven Leadership, Ph.D./D.B.A in Values-Driven Leadership Program
  • CEDIM: School of Design Innovation and Business, Master in Business Innovation (MBI)


We appreciate the value that these leading institutions and educational programs bring to the practice of innovation. We are also committed to connecting and collaborating with innovators worldwide in continuing our quest to share our experiences, grow our thinking and empower next.


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