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Our commitment to helping courageous leaders like you succeed led us to author three books on innovation culture/mindset, the innovation process, and how they apply to a specific industry. We are delighted to share these insights and believe they will serve as a resource on demonstrating what innovation is and how innovation, when harnessed and executed strategically, has the power to redefine an industry.

  • Flirting with the Uninterested Book

    Flirting With the Uninterested— Innovating in a “Sold, Not Bought” Category

    Applying Innovation To The Insurance and Financial Services Industries

    Do you suspect that there is some brilliant, forward-thinking entrepreneur in a garage somewhere about to reinvent your industry? More important, when you raise the issue, do those around you look at you like you’re crazy? You are not crazy. The insurance industry IS ripe for reinvention, and the paradigm is ready for a shift. Flirting With the Uninterested is our contribution to help leaders like you begin the journey to innovating in a “sold, not bought” category.

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  • Free The Idea Monkey Book

    Free the Idea Monkey… to focus on what matters most!

    Innovation Culture/Mindset

    When we think about the people who consistently make big ideas happen, we see a striking pattern. For every Walt Disney, there is a Roy Disney. For every Idea Monkey (ideas, ideas, ideas), there is a (Ring)leader (strategy, execution, precision), and finding the proper balance between these divergent and convergent thinkers is what creates real progress. Free the Idea Monkey is a helpful guide, filled with true stories, practical tips and illustrations—all designed to show you how to create these types of profitable partnerships in life and in business.

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  • Brand New Book

    Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox

    The Innovation Process

    How does David beat Goliath? How do the best brands in the world create customers for life? What is the highest indicator of future profitability according to many on Wall Street? The answer to all three questions is the same: by creating game-changing new products. Brand New explains in step-by-step fashion what you need to do (and what you should never do) to innovate effectively.

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