John Coyle

John Coyle

John Coyle

John is the founder of The Art of Really Living and one of the world’s leading experts in innovation and design thinking. He is a graduate of Stanford’s “” where his academic advisor was David Kelley, the founder of IDEO and Steve Jobs’ right-hand man. John earned his MBA from Kellogg and is an Olympic silver medalist, NBC sports analyst and professor of innovation. John has been applying “design thinking” to companies, careers, lives and leadership challenges for more than 20 years. As a speaker and author, his talent is weaving facts, examples and intellectual principles into engaging stories, which bring his topics to life and really make you think. They are inspiring, practical and actionable.

Speech Summary

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My Why

I believe time is our most valuable commodity. I believe the way we experience time is not linear and our perceptions of time are strongly influenced by the stories we tell, and the meaning we make. I believe, absent action to correct it, each summer will feel shorter than the last and life is not just short, it is actively getting shorter. I believe there is a way to slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time and live summers longer than when we were kids; but it is not easy. I believe by designing lives focused on our strengths, we can increase our resilience and take on larger challenges, face bigger risks and create more meaning. I believe we can innovate our lives to avoid the malaise of modernity, the stifling conventions and muffling routines that lead men to small risks, small rewards and a lack of meaning. The goal of “The Art of Really Living” is to play the role of a chrysalis, breaking the clay of grey men, revealing the colors of the sleeping poet, painter or musician within.

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