[Webinar Replay] Winning The Transition: 10 Ways Leaders Deliver Better Innovation Outcomes — Part 2 (A)


In this webinar replay, Maddock Douglas president and partner Raphael Louis Vitón continues to dive deeper into The Innovation Situation, sharing 10 ways to win the irreversible cultural transition that most leaders are challenged with today.

Access this replay and join Raphael and guest contributor and SVP of Innovation Doug Stone as they explain how innovation experts build the essential innovation assets needed to help their teams and organizations “win the transition.” Learn:

  • How to use tested strategies and processes to successfully navigate the ambiguous innovation journey
  • How to harness your superpower to leverage trends better than your competition
  • How to reframe your business challenge in order to find new opportunity spaces 


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  • How to know when to “play ball” and when to break the rules and go for broke

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