[Webinar Replay] A Practical Guide To Experience Design—Part One

Imagine: A world where your company can easily develop and launch all of your 2015 initiatives — staying completely true to your vision while fulfilling each one of your customer’s needs. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world.

In the real world, you have to contend with hard-to-decipher customer feedback, resource trade-offs — and stakeholders who are more focused on operational efficiency than the customer experience.

At Maddock Douglas, we know that an idea truly lives or dies by the decisions and compromises you make between generation and execution. That’s why we’ve designed a reliable approach — one that is highly collaborative and iterative — to navigate the messy process of implementation in the real world.

Ready to envision your future? If so, join Maddock Douglas’ Experience Design Team on their journey through successfully driving innovative ideas into the marketplace.

In this webinar replay, Maddock Douglas’ VP of Innovation in Experience Design Randy Simms and Innovation Director in Experience Design Cassie Slimmer will walk you through their strategic, step-by-step design process that not only satisfies the customer, but maintains the integrity of an original idea.

Access this webinar series and learn:

  • How to define the key details needed to design a customer experience
  • How to understand your customers’ perspectives of the fully realized experience
  • How to learn which aspects of the experience provide the most value for your customers
  • How to tell compelling stories along the way to build support for your initiative
  • How to maintain a connection with your customers during the development process
  • How to keep an idea true to its original intent
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