[Webinar Replay] How Innovation Became A Four-Letter Word And What To Do About It


Is your company committed to innovation, or has it become a word you can’t say in mixed company? 

Many companies have recognized the importance of innovation for their future growth and declared it as a focus only to have the best laid plans result in failure. Why do so many innovation initiatives fail? What is it about some innovation efforts that cause an organization’s antibodies to come out and attack?

Access this webinar replay and learn:

  • Why some companies are able to consistently innovate while others are not
  • What a Culture of Innovation is
  • The key drivers that lead to an innovative culture and the process to implement them
  • Ways to measure the effectiveness of a culture that drives innovation
  • The impact a Culture of Innovation has on an organization

John Coyle, Senior Vice President — Culture of Innovation at Maddock Douglas, identifies the unseen barriers to innovation, the key drivers of a Culture of Innovation, and how to implement the right process to ensure a sustainable, innovative environment lives within your organization.

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