[Webinar Replay] Four Startups Helping The Insurance Industry


Insurance-facing startups attracted nearly $3 billion in venture capital investment in 2015, and the insurance industry itself is beginning to realize that it can stand to own a piece of this explosive “InsureTech” growth. The idea of startups disrupting corporations (“David vs. Goliath”) is giving way to “David and Goliath Incorporated”: Established enterprises teaming up with emerging entrepreneurs for mutual advantage.

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Maddock Douglas predicted this trend over three years ago, co-founding Ringleader Ventures as a way to help established companies build profitable partnerships with early-stage, technology-driven startups.

Watch this replay as Maria Ferrante-Schepis, EVP and managing principal of Insurance and Financial Services Innovation at Maddock Douglas, and Mike Bechtel, managing partner at Ringleader Ventures, talk about four such startups that are helping the insurance industry innovate.

Collectively, the startups featured in this session are:

  1. improving sales funnels
  2. creating benefit enrollment efficiencies
  3. improving recruiting and selection
  4. bringing novel coverages to the emerging world
  5. accelerating market research with up-to-the-minute customer insights

Learn more about these startup stories and about how Maddock Douglas and Ringleader Ventures can work with you to find startups that can get you to your innovation goals faster.

Click on the image below to watch the replay.


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