[Webinar Replay] The Fish Stinks From The Head Down

Why Your Leadership Development Efforts May Be Unconsciously Stifling Innovation And What To Do About It

Most companies have recognized the importance of innovation for their future growth and declared it as a focus, only to later recognize that their cultures are the major stumbling block. But who is responsible for corporate culture? Leadership. Most large companies have leadership development programs, but few include training on the mindsets, skills and tools required to cultivate a culture of innovation, and even worse may be training leaders with legacy programs that actually inhibit these traits.

In this webinar replay, John Coyle, Senior Vice President — Culture of Innovation, identifies the key mindsets and skills of innovative leaders and how to hire, develop and fire to ensure your leadership team is actively creating a culture of innovation.

Watch this webinar and learn about:

  • The innovation leadership gap that exists in most companies today and its future costs
  • Why a culture of innovation is essential for future growth and success
  • Who to hire and fire — the skills and strengths of innovative leaders and the personas of anti-innovative leaders
  • Methods and frameworks for developing innovation leadership skillsets
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