[Webinar Replay] Why Diversity And Inclusion Are Essential To Innovation

Have you sponsored or participated in a diversity and inclusion program in the past? Did you find, perhaps, that something fell flat? Offered with the best of intentions, these programs often fail to make a clear connection to business strategy and can feel “fuzzy” to the participants after the fact—especially to hard-driving business leaders focused on results. ENTER INNOVATION: As it turns out, there is a clear link between diversity and inclusion, innovation, and business results. 

In this webinar replay—in partnership between innovation agency Maddock Douglas and conscious culture creators Axialent—the facilitators share key innovation concepts and the inclusive mindsets that bring them to life. When innovation and inclusion intersect, you can expect improved performance and unprecedented business results.

Join John Coyle, SVP of Innovation—Leadership Development at Maddock Douglas, and Pamela Mattsson, Managing Partner of North America at Axialent, as they dive deeper into the topic of diversity and inclusion in relation to innovation.

Watch this webinar and learn: 

  • The shift that is leading to an emergent need for innovation in almost every business
  • The key drivers that characterize companies that have a culture of innovation
  • The integral relationship between those innovation drivers and diversity and inclusion
  • The synergistic power of inclusion and innovation initiatives in service of the business strategy
  • Conversation starters to engage stakeholders in a different conversation about inclusion and innovation
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