Speaking Engagements — Stan Phelps

Speaker Summary

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Creating Customer WOW

The little things make a big difference. In this presentation, Stan will share the key ingredients of creating signature added value. He’ll cover the 12 different types of purple goldfish in the two main categories of value and maintenance, along with little extras such as the importance of follow-up and how to handle mistakes.

Beyond Dollars

Happy, engaged employees create happy, enthused customers. In this presentation, Stan will share the 15 types of green goldfish, with little extras for employees such as onboarding, time away, team building, flexibility, recognition and empowerment.

Driving Loyalty

Eighty percent of your profitability is driven through the top 20 percent of customers and employees. These are your vital few. In this presentation, Stan will share the nine different key drivers of overall performance from the Golden Goldfish Project.

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