Speaking Engagements — Tammy Lakes

Speaker Summary

Tammy Lakes’ career experience comes to life in her interactive presentations, and with these presentations, she helps people recognize the hazards of not innovating in education. She will bring clarity to the factors shifting the educational landscape and leave her audience with tools to implement change.

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Cultivating A Customer-Centric Culture

How can we know what our customers want or need? Are your teams talking with potential customers about the problem they’re trying to solve? Are they going into the field to observe how a current user is interacting with your products and services, bringing users together and hosting sessions to get ongoing feedback? Inviting your customers into your business is critical to the creation of a customer-centric culture.

In this session, participants will learn about the importance of putting customer needs first. Learn the most effective ways to create a culture that respects your customer. The session will also demonstrate the trickle-down effect of happy customers.

Preparing Kids For Life After High School

Teens are speaking out, expressing their feelings of inadequate preparation to enter college or the work force after high school. “I don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life! What now?” seems to be the anthem of many who feel lost and can’t find the next step that works for them.

In this session, participants will examine the school to workforce progression. They will be provided with information to determine where jobs are, where jobs will be, and what our school system should be teaching to prepare students to navigate their way through a lifetime of work.

Marketing To Teens Is Different
Than Marketing To Millennials

Marketers know the hallmark traits of nearly every generation. However, much of marketing research has grouped Millennials and Teens under the same umbrella even though the needs and perspectives of these two age groups are unique. It’s time to identify those traits that distinguish Teens from Millennials.

In this session, participants will learn the key differentiators between messaging and marketing to Teens vs. Millennials. Evidence from research conducted with both of these groups will be presented, as will ideas from these populations indicating how they would like to engage with the organizations vying for their attention.

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