Speaking Engagements — Susan Robertson

Speaker Summary

Susan Robertson’s engaging and interactive presentations educate and inspire people to maximize their innate creativity. She helps people discover what is hindering their innovation efforts and gives them practical, easy-to-implement tools to spark new thinking.

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Why Is Innovative Thinking So Hard? (And What To Do About It)

Neuroscientists are discovering more every day about how our brains work, which is gleaning new insights on how we create and problem solve. The negativity bias that it’s been proven that all humans have is a real barrier to creative problem solving.

In this interactive presentation, you will experience what negativity bias is all about and discuss how it affects your thinking in ways you probably hadn’t realized. You’ll learn how to retrain your brain for creativity instead of negativity so that you’ll instantly become a rock star at coming up with new ideas.

Are You Solving The Wrong Problem?

Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” The way we articulate the problem or opportunity we’re working on has an impact on the potential ideas we come up with. This phenomenon is called “framing bias,” and research has shown that this human cognitive bias impacts how we create ideas and solve problems. In this program, you will learn and practice how to see and articulate your challenge in new ways in order to produce better ideas.

The Curse Of Knowledge

Neuroscience has proven that all humans have cognitive biases (mental shortcuts) that limit our thinking. The curse of knowledge is one of these cognitive biases that gets in the way of innovation. While knowledge and experience are important to doing our jobs, that same knowledge and experience also limit our creative thinking in ways we aren’t conscious of.

In this presentation, you’ll experience the curse of knowledge, examine how it affects your thinking, and learn a creative thinking tool that will improve your ability to avoid the trap of knowledge and experience, so you become the guru of innovative ideas.

On-Demand Creative Thinking

We often need to very quickly come up with ideas to solve challenges or create new ideas. It might seem like spending time to use a specific creative thinking tool will take more time than you can spare in your day.

But, in fact, if you spend a few minutes using a creative thinking tool, you will get to better ideas faster. People won’t believe it until you prove it to them, but research and experience show this to be true.

In this series of exercises, you will learn and practice simple tools that you can use to produce more creative ideas at a moment’s notice.

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