Speaking Engagements — John Ruhlin

Speech Summary

Keynote Topics

  • The “Referabilty” Factor: How to stand out and be even MORE referable to clients and referral sources

  • Giftology: Relationship retention and growth through constant gratitude

  • Appreciative Selling and Leadership: How to drive sales through deepening relationships

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GIFTOLOGY: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Drive Referrals and Strengthen Retention

Radical generosity is the against-the-grain secret weapon of real influencers, and it will allow you to boost referrals, retention rates and ROI like few other strategies. But be warned, gifts with strings attached backfire.

There is a right, and wrong, way to give. John Ruhlin’s tactics lead to appreciative responses and wide-open checkbooks.

Through poignant personal stories and data-backed evidence, Ruhlin breaks down how anyone—from mail clerk to managing director—can master the magic of Giftology with these and more:

  • Mastering reciprocity, the hidden bottom line booster

  • Laser-targeting whom to give a gift and when to use thrift

  • Uncovering your client’s inner circle and becoming part of it

Give wholeheartedly to Giftology and reap the rewards of an expanding business and fruitful relationships, professional and personal alike.

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