Speaking Engagements — Christina Harbridge

Speaker Summary

Expanding Your Influence Through Emotional Literacy

In order to change a mind, lead a team, pitch a concept or change the world, we must first be heard. Influence is tricky because internal and external audiences have humans in them. Humans can be irrational and emotional in making their choices. We each have individual style and preferences that drive our ability to listen and understand. In this keynote, Christina will provide deliberate practices to start increasing your influence based on the five components of influence.

Embracing Conflict To Build Relationships

(aka telling someone he has spinach in his teeth)

Conflict can be a beautiful moment that questions the status quo and moves people toward shared outcomes. Christina provides the room with deliberate practices to:

  • Reboot the operating system on conflict

  • Begin a deliberate practice to question the “story in my head”

  • Communicate the conflict in a way that it is heard and improves the relationship

  • Quickly discern significant value from the areas of conflict

Bettering In Volatility

Volatility is the new normal in business. Each of us is authoring our future narrative buoyed by the genius of our history. A leader may be unaware of her genius; as when a person is really great at something, he/she does not value it because it comes so easy to him/her. In this keynote, each attendee will learn the physiology behind self-authorship and how to drive personal and organizational performance through nontransactional storytelling.

Getting The Organization You Deserve

How the leader makes people feel drives everything that happens in an organization. The action is just one step of the equation for human alignment. Leaders often develop habits that worked very well in the past — when there were fewer people, when the stage of the business was different, when they were at a different level in the organization or in a different culture. At this stage of the business, what are the new habits that can transform customer happiness and increased execution? Christina helps executive teams understand their current habits and how to create deliberate practices to move closer to the outcome they want.

Additional Keynote Topics

  • Working with Millennials

  • Public speaking and presentation skills

  • Storytelling

  • Emotional literacy and EQ

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