Speaking Engagements — Bruce Starcher

Speaker Summary

Bruce speaks about business models and can customize the conversation to make it relevant for your audience. Some examples include:

  • Business Model Primer — Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization Conference

  • Linking Experience and Business Models — Start-up Leadership Program

  • Real Time Communication Business Models — IIT Real Time Communication Conference

He has also delivered multiple lectures on launching enterprisewide CSR programs to the students of Dominican University’s Center for Global Peace through Commerce.

In addition, Bruce has written a number of articles on his website and LinkedIn, including:

    • Strategic Context: The critical missing link in the strategy puzzle

    • Can’t find growth? Look beyond your industry to your business ecosystem!

    • Demystifying Business Model Innovation

    • Manage your Business Model across the business lifecycle

    • Can’t find growth? Redefine what business you are in!

    • No Customer Value Gap? No Business Model!

Contact us for more information on booking Bruce for your next event, or call Stephanie Savage at 630‑563‑6454.

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