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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

After 20 years of defining what makes innovation successful, we have continually become aware that even with the best insights, ideas and communication, innovation will die in an environment that simply doesn’t embrace it. And, honestly, as an Idea Parent, it’s hard to watch them fail. As a result, we’ve created a complete portfolio of services to help our clients migrate their cultures toward ones that:

> Let ideas do more than survive—allow them to thrive
> Work cooperatively across business units
> Aren’t quick fixes, but long-lasting transformations
> Include and involve all levels of the organization
> Create a lasting innovation mindset

We believe that to find the innovation white space where opportunities for significant revenue and growth exist, you must move out of the cultural dark space that prevents it from happening.

Most Organizations Need a Plan—And a Place to Start

Changing an organizational environment isn’t easy and certainly doesn’t happen over night, which is why we help organizations with culture shift before, during and after engagements. It also doesn’t come without resistance. One thing we know for sure is that it needs to involve everyone and it needs to start at the top. That’s why we begin our Culture of Innovation engagements with an innovation assessment, then offer a number of program elements that start with gaining leadership alignment and move down through the entire organization:

Senior Leadership
> Alignment Triage
> Innovation Orientations
> Innovation Coaching

Leadership and Management
> Boot Camps
> Mind Shift Brainstorms
> Innovation Ambassador Teams

All Employees
> Innovation “World Café”
> Innovation Crowdsourcing
> Positivity Coaching

What Does a Culture of Innovation Look Like?

> It is creative
> Its people are encouraged to take risks
> It sees possibility: Asks “How can we?” instead of saying “We can’t
> It embraces “learner and creator mentalities
> It removes the fear of failure
> It focuses on the customer

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