Mike Maddock Named 60 Second Guru By Business Up Close!

We’re excited to announce that Maddock Douglas’ CEO, our own Idea Monkey, Mike Maddock has been named June’s 60 Second Guru by Business Up Close, a UK e-zine focused on providing insight and intelligence to Britain’s fast growth businesses.

Here’s a sneak peek of Mike’s coaching:

Here are three of the many reasons why striking a balance between your Idea Monkeys and (Ring)leaders is critical for an innovative culture:

Greater Focus… to free you and other Idea Monkeys up to focus your super hero creator energy and passion for thinking big and doing big things

Less Chaos… focus helps eliminate chaos, not the creativity (high performance people need a high performance environment – chaos is limiting, inefficient and gets in their way)

Less Guilt… balance helps minimize the impact of your weaknesses on the organization. Most creators need help with consistency and follow-through to create a sustainable, healthy environment as a result of constructive habits and rhythms. Find the balance, lose the guilt.

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