Maddock Douglas Speaks At The WiRL Leadership Summit

Maddock Douglas Speaks at the Women in Real Life (WiRL) Leadership Summit in service of better innovation outcomes.

Many companies today are struggling with results when it comes to leading the critical shift toward a more agile, adaptive culture of innovation. Under market pressure, some leaders react with fear and resolve, often doubling down on tried and true models, while others embrace change and flourish. Which kind of leader are you? What can you learn from both of these leadership styles?

Mike Maddock spoke at the inaugural WiRL Leadership Summit, which runs online from April 28 through May 23. Mike’s talk entitled INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP: 10 PRACTICES OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL LEADERS and those of many other speakers are available on the WiRL website.

Here is more information about the WiRL Leadership Summit:

Life is a whirl. Between work, family and personal time, it can feel like there’s no time for learning. Most of us exceptional professionals who are busy, networked and tired are feeling the desire to learn and grow but struggle to find the time.


In late April, the first WiRL Leadership Summit launched, giving you access to the powerful training and insights from more than 28 esteemed speakers to help you up your game—at life and at work. These individual Summit sessions are being held online and cover timely topics in Leading Teams & People, Communications & Confidence and Balance & Happiness.

All sessions are designed to inspire and motivate professional women to confidently take action and embrace their inner leader. Best of all, these sessions will be held online and recorded so you can listen in live or save them for a lunch break. WiRL is giving you total flexibility and control over when and how you learn! Are you ready to reach your full potential? Register for WiRL.

Mitch Shepard, the moving force behind WiRL, recently wrapped up all the great advice she’s received and the advice she gives to her clients about how to live a complete life in the real world in her “Top 5 to Thrive.” These five tips on how to build a life and a career brimming with success sound right to us.

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