[Webinar Replay] Being A Corporate Energizer: How To Gain Support For Your Innovation Initiative

Webinar Replay

You have this growing sense of unease every day. You see the changing industry trends, competitors gaining market share, new entrants rethinking the business and implementing category-shifting strategies that will impact your industry, your company and the future of your career.

You resolve to do something. You share your ideas, form committees, ask provocative questions, write to your CEO. You feel inspired and exhilarated, and for a brief moment, you gain some interest and a platform. Then, as quickly as you gain it, you lose it. You realize that despite some nominal agreement at the start, no one really wants to change and, even worse, your voice and ideas are no longer welcome.

Does this ring a bell? If yes, you are what we call a corporate energizer — the kind of leader who is willing to take action in service of better innovation outcomes and a brighter future. The bad news is, your approach so far may not have worked. The good news is, it is not too late. There are new and counterintuitive ways to channel your proactive energy and successfully rally support for your innovation initiatives.

Access this webinar replay and learn: 

  • Why your natural energizer instincts may lead to the opposite result of which you wanted (entrenching)
  • How to build a cultural movement toward innovation and gain leadership support without raising red flags
  • How to build a “burning platform” or “case for innovation” that you can use to rally support
  • How to know when to “play ball” and when to break the rules and go for broke

Listen in as John Coyle, SVP of Culture of Innovation at Maddock Douglas and fellow corporate energizer, shares war stories of how to and, perhaps more important, how NOT to start an innovation movement at your company. 

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