[Webinar Replay] Babies And Bathwater: Innovating Around The Nature Of Insurance


Is the life insurance industry facing a relevance problem with the “new” consumer? Are we confusing the industry’s problems with symptoms and therefore missing opportunities? Do you agree that it is time for the industry to innovate?

In this webinar replay, Maria Ferrante-Schepis, managing principal for insurance and financial services innovation at Maddock Douglas, distinguishes between what’s really outdated, what’s fundamental, and how you may find hidden advantages in the “weirdness” of insurance.

Access this replay and learn:

  • How to separate the industry’s real problem — relevance — from symptoms that take up more of your mind share
  • How to isolate several areas of focus that can help improve relevance
  • The counterintuitive nature of insurance as an advantage rather than a disadvantage
  • Several emerging models outside of insurance that are, knowingly or unknowingly, innovating around the nature of insurance without calling it insurance


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