[Webinar Replay] Kill The Policy: New Inspiration For Insurance Innovation

We hear a nagging and persistent complaint from the insurance and financial services industry around getting to the big “what’s next.”

Is it going to be BIG enough? Is it going to be NEXT enough? Do we have WHAT it takes?

Industry leaders feel constrained by products, regulations, systems, and internal structures and protocols. As such, we’ve lived in decades of mostly incremental change while today’s consumers are questioning value and expecting far more.

To make more substantive change, we most certainly need to embrace new thinking, but we also may have to kill something — not necessarily projects and initiatives on a docket somewhere, but rather some of the aspects of the business that are assumed to be a “given,” such as what we sell, what rules we follow, and how success is measured.

Access this webinar replay and learn:

  • How to strike the right balance between NOW and NEXT
  • How consumer questions of value can lead us to new thinking
  • How defining your business more broadly can be a beacon for change
  • How several companies in and around insurance are beginning to set bold examples and are no longer accepting some things as a “given”

Join Maria Ferrante-Schepis, managing principal for insurance and financial services innovation at Maddock Douglas, as she shares a contagiously passionate viewpoint about what can and should change to create a better future.

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