The Innovation Power Score

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The Maddock Douglas Innovation Power Score℠

We’ve created a proprietary innovation measurement tool designed to help our clients evaluate and modify ideas as they move through the innovation process. This tool will significantly increase your in-market success by giving you the ability to appropriately respond to any of these common innovation challenges:

You have too many ideas
You have a pipeline of ideas, but your team is having trouble identifying and prioritizing the best of the bunch.

You have stumbled
You have just experienced an unsuccessful product, service or business model launch but cannot pinpoint why it went so poorly.

You’re stuck in the gate
Disparate divisions (e.g., marketing, legal, R&D and research) are using their own opinions (agendas) to inadvertently stop good ideas from happening.

The Innovation Power Score℠ is a simple—yet holistic—way to measure and track innovation efforts. The Innovation Power Score℠ empowers your team to:

  • Identify and focus on the weakest areas of a concept
  • Stop working on the pieces of a concept that are “good enough”
  • Check the health of an idea at any point in the process
  • Confidently support an idea that is ready for launch

The Innovation Power Score℠ measuring system was developed to measure and monitor the three elements of innovation: The unmet consumer Need, the Idea that fills the need, and the Communication that connects the two. Our system creates these three indices to benchmark progress and evaluate innovation:

The Insight index
The Idea index
The Communication index

The result is an Innovation Power Score℠, which gives Maddock Douglas the foresight to adjust and adapt—to better the chances of generating top line revenue and project success.

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