How We Can Help

Throughout our engagements, we help leaders address the (often ignored) corporate tension that exists between nurturing the core business and responding to the urgency of “now” while simultaneously empowering what’s next.

Our collaborations go beyond evolutionary change and truly seek “what’s next” for organizations to help them create the future of their industry and sustain the will, desire and need for growth. We do this by:


  1. Generating and validating insight-based ideas that address unmet and unexpressed consumer needs by testing, prioritizing and embedding them into an actionable innovation strategy
  2. Inspiring and empowering leadership to create and sustain cultures of innovation by reintegrating creativity, collaboration, risk-taking and customer focus into processes and mindsets
  3.  Monetizing “next” by effectively activating and bringing these ideas to life through iteration, prototyping, design, validation and implementation


We employ a proven, rigorous innovation process that reframes business opportunities, leverages our clients’ expertise, develops a keen understanding of consumer needs, and infuses parallel industry expertise from our Global Expert Network.

Our collaborative process is focused on five interactive phases:

  1. Discovery: We deeply explore the context of your business and your industry, and we thoughtfully reframe opportunities based on your aspirations, your brand and your core competencies
  2. Immersion: We find new understanding and inspirations by immersing ourselves in current and future consumer needs, attitudes and behaviors
  3. Insight: We develop and validate insights based on an understanding of consumers’ unmet, unexpressed and unknown needs
  4. Ideation: We imagine and generate new ideas, products, services and experiences and the value propositions and business models that drive them
  5. Activation: We develop, refine, design and build market-ready and risk-reduced consumer experiences


We add value to your team’s efforts and create sustainable impact for you by being:

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