[Webinar Replay] How To Innovate When The Pressure Is On

Is your company or industry facing a critical inflection point? Do you find it challenging to lead your team and company through major market changes and disruptions?

If so, don’t worry—the most successful organizations all struggle to innovate and maintain a healthy portfolio of “what’s next”: new products, services, experiences and business models innovation that ensure sustainable growth, all of which is even harder to do when times are tough.

Access this webinar to explore some common hurdles, misconceptions and best practices on how to innovate when the pressure is on.

Here you’ll learn:

  • Why the most successful companies unwittingly create cultures that kill innovation
  • How to find the essential balance between creativity and discipline
  • What to measure if you want a culture that drives innovation
  • How not to start an innovation movement in your company
  • How to avoid three common mistakes if innovation is important to you

Maddock Douglas’ CEO and founding partner, Mike Maddock, outlines some tools and best practices to use in order to enhance your company’s innovation capabilities when what has made you most successful is no longer working.

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