[Press Release] Eminent Business Systems Builder Greg Banks Joins Innovation Firm Maddock Douglas As President And COO


Banks joins innovation firm to “help companies systematically and repeatedly leverage innovation into their growth and profit plans.”

Chicago, IL — Maddock Douglas is an internationally recognized innovation consulting firm that helps companies create new products, services and business models while training their leadership teams to do the same. To help manage the growing demand for these innovation services, Maddock Douglas is announcing the addition of Greg Banks as president and COO.

Banks will be joining Maddock Douglas from Deloitte where he has been for the last five years a director in the Customer and Marketing Strategy practice. Prior to Deloitte, Banks was founder and president of Omnicom’s Javelin, a pioneer agency in the field of accountable (measurable) marketing. Throughout his career, Banks has built a reputation as a “business system builder,” helping, as an example, some of the largest marketing and sales organizations in the world generate measurable, predictable growth.

Banks explained his reasons for joining Maddock Douglas:

“Innovation has long been misperceived as too unpredictable to manage. But things are changing fast. Today, with the proper processes and the right data in their hands, the most respected organizational leaders are setting aside these misperceptions and embedding innovation as a core business process. I was involved in a similar transformation in the past, helping clients dramatically change the way marketing and customer experience were perceived by moving both from being unpredictable to being measured and managed with discipline.

“I am excited to do the same thing here. When I learned about Maddock Douglas, and how this firm has for over a decade empowered well-known companies to innovate, I jumped at the chance to help solidify the discipline that leading companies are demanding.”

Maddock Douglas founder and CEO, Mike Maddock, adds:

“Innovation has gone from a mysterious concept, often based upon entrepreneurial intuition, to a required and measurable capability. Our clients are asking us which levers to pull and how hard to pull them. Greg has a unique talent for moving business concepts from ‘ambiguous’ to ‘systematic and predictable.’ CEOs already love what we do. Now CFOs will join them. I am excited to have Greg join the Maddock Douglas team as our president and COO.”

Greg Banks holds a B.S. in journalism from the University of Missouri and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Maddock Douglas, Inc. (MD), established in 1991, provides Agency of Innovation® services, which help clients take their products “from mind to market” while building leadership teams that consistently empower next. Using their Global Expert Network of more than 6,000 entrepreneurs, professionals and specialists from 40+ countries, MD helps firms break down the barriers to innovation. MD’s client list includes 25 percent of the top 100 global brands* and 10 out of the Fortune 50 companies.

*From Businessweek’s list of top 100 brands. Maddock Douglas’ thought leaders are authors of Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox (Wiley, May 2011), Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most! (ISB, January 2012), and Flirting with the Uninterested — Innovating in a “Sold, Not Bought” Category (January 2013). To learn more, visit

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