Free The Idea Monkey: How To Make Big Ideas Happen—Radio Interview

In a radio interview on Reach Personal Branding TV, Mike Maddock discusses his book “Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most!”

In this recorded interview, you will learn:

  • Whether you are an Idea Monkey or a (Ring)leader
  • Why failure is your company’s best friend
  • How to produce big ideas on demand
  • Why problems are actually a good thing
  • How to embrace social media to inspire innovation
  • How to change the world through a changed perspective
  • How to identify your counterpart to increase productive innovation
  • The importance of “David strategies”


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Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most!

Innovation Culture/Mindset

When we think about the people who consistently make big ideas happen, we see a striking pattern. For every Walt Disney, there is a Roy Disney. For every Idea Monkey (ideas, ideas, ideas), there is a (Ring)leader (strategy, execution, precision), and finding the proper balance between these divergent and convergent thinkers is what creates real progress. Free the Idea Monkey is a helpful guide, filled with true stories, practical tips and illustrations—all designed to show you how to create these types of profitable partnerships in life and in business.

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