Crayon Beats Calculator—Creativity As The Insurance CEO’s Answer To Growing Complexity

A recent IBM study of 1541 Insurance CEOs, general managers and senior public from 28 countries shows that creativity is believed to rank above rigor, management discipline, integrity and vision in a company’s ability to remain ahead.

In a statement from an IBM executive, Mark Lewis, it was stated that rising complexity, such as that induced by increased government intervention, calls for the insurance companies to be led with bold creativity and connect with customers in imaginative ways.

It was even noted that simplicity as well as customer centricity are key priorities for these executives. And getting closer to customers was at the top of the list for 90 percent of them.

Creativity Is Like Porn

Well, this subhead was just a creative way to get you to read further; but it is relevant. Creativity is something that many consider hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

According to Wikipedia, creativity is the ability to generate innovative ideas and manifest them from thought into reality. The process involves original thinking and then producing. This last word of these two sentences make up the key to the creativity castle. When creativity meets commercialization, you have innovation.

Innovation = Creativity On Amphetamines

Creativity should not be thought of as a random event. While some see creative people as lacking discipline and rigor, if a viable product, service or model is the outcome, this characterization does not hold up. The most creative people operate iteratively versus once and done. The willingness to tolerate ambiguity and knowing you can change the plan after you learn more is key. And so is the pace at which it is done. When you speed up an iterative process, sometimes you do not see all the little steps in between that got you from point A to point B. But they are there. Creative minds tend to do this very rapidly, sometimes unconsciously.

In fact, we consider innovation a very disciplined process that stacks the deck in the favor of success. While creative ideas may flow freely, the process of testing, prioritizing and communicating these ideas is what makes them succeed or fail in the marketplace. There must first be a deep insight, then the idea, then flawless communication—in that order.

Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad, Or Is It?

Creativity and Innovation

We disagree with Meatloaf. If one of these three things is done out of alignment, the innovation will fail in the marketplace. Creativity is required in all three areas to ensure that many possibilities for solutions and opportunities are seen. There are creative ways to do research and interpret insights, there are creative ways to come up with ideas, and there are certainly creative ways of communicating them.

Three Tips For Bringing Creativity Into The Three Circles

  1. To get the insight you need, make it simple.
  2. To generate creative ideas, think like a kid.
  3. To ensure you are communicating it the right way, ask your grandma.

Thanks for reading to the end. Hopefully these tips will help you in your business. If not, as a consolation prize, you got to experience sex, drugs and rock and roll all in one business article.

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