Client Impact

The Wisdom Of Healthy Snacking

Client: General Mills

Focus: Making Time Between Meals Healthy And Full-Filling

General Mills asked Maddock Douglas to help them deeply explore and understand consumer behavior around weight loss and eating behaviors. Together, we found an unmet need that could be filled by a brand extension that turned snacking into a satisfying and healthy behavior.


  • Helped create a fresh pipeline of more than 12 delicious and healthy alternatives
  • Helped conceive the only soup formally endorsed by Weight Watchers


By aligning Maddock Douglas’ innovation process with the way that General Mills innovates, Maddock Douglas helped immerse General Mills into a new realm of consumer understanding, responding directly to key consumer insights. The company launched a variety of delicious 80 calories or less Progresso soups for in between meals.


  • Established “Progresso Light Soups” as the No. 1 rated light soup in America by Nielsen


“The work Maddock Douglas did, which helped us empathize with consumers, culminated in two very big wins for us in the market.” —Director, General Mills

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