Client Impact

Reinventing The Consumer Billing Experience And Customer Touch Points

Client: AT&T

Focus: Delighting Consumers And Igniting AT&T’s Ability To Cross-Sell To Engaged Customers

In the highly competitive telecommunications market, AT&T saw an opportunity to further define and affirm their brand by dramatically improving their customers’ experience. Working closely with AT&T, Maddock Douglas leveraged and transformed the everyday touch point of customer billing—an often emotional, complex and ambiguous consumer experience ripe for innovation, intuitive ease of use and simplicity.


  • Created a patented new bill design that took full advantage of existing technology, saving tens of millions in additional IT systems and infrastructure costs
  • Established a robust additional products and services cross-selling environment
  • Conceived and designed new platforms and touch points to easily adapt to Ameritech, AT&T and other related roll-up companies


AT&T asked Maddock Douglas to help make everyday consumer touch points a delightful opportunity and an appropriate environment to share additional products and services.

The completely redesigned and enhanced consumer billing experience resulted in millions of happier and more engaged customers who, on the basis of a more trusted and meaningful relationship, broadened the products and services they acquired from AT&T. This also allowed AT&T to access new markets, meaningfully raised customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings, and improved their business economic metrics, fueling successful cross-selling of additional services and resulting in tens of millions in revenue.


  • Featured in the Wall Street Journal Marketplace
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