Client Impact

Putting Farmers And Farming On The Map

Client: Case New Holland

Focus: Powering Farmers Around The Globe Through Satellite Technology

CNH’s precision farming technology (a high-tech guidance system) was superior and worked across all brands of big equipment but was slow to gain traction. Recognizing that CNH had the potential for an early mover advantage, the challenge was to create a “case for early adoption.” Maddock Douglas’ collaboration with CNH invested in helping CNH get the North American community of 3,500 dealer networks to activate segmentation strategies and increase market penetration.


  • Generated 7 percent parts growth overall and hundreds of millions of dollars of precision farming-related network services and hardware sales
  • Compelled customers loyal to CNH’s biggest rival to reengage with CNH dealers
  • Helped reduce costs, optimize outputs, improve stewardship and environmental benefits by decreasing fuel, fertilizer and seed consumption by an average of 15 percent while increasing yield by an average of 7 percent


Maddock Douglas helped CNH transform their parts and service business to the “farm efficiency” business through the design and launch of a satellite-guided precision farming program.


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