Client Impact

Creating Brighter And Healthier Smiles

Client: Philips

Focus: Reinventing The Way People Clean Their Teeth

The routine of oral care has not changed in decades. People still scrub their teeth with brushes and struggle to wedge string between them in an effort to avoid decay and promote oral health. The domain of consumer oral health care has been incredibly slow to leverage technology in meaningful ways. Through a collaborative relationship, Maddock Douglas and Philips created Airfloss, changing the drudgery and inaccuracy of conventional flossing and helping users clean their entire mouth in just 30 seconds, build a healthy habit and improve oral health.


  • Inspired and developed the revolutionary “Airfloss,” a new category-shifting product
  • Grew the Philips Oral Healthcare brand with a new product tested to be 86 percent easier to use than floss
  • Created a product with an enhanced consumer experience
  • Helped create a healthy platform of new products
  • Helped Philips gain significant market share
  • Contributed meaningfully to revenue and profitability growth


Realizing the way people clean their teeth has essentially been the same for thousands of years, Philips Sonicare asked Maddock Douglas to reimagine oral care. The result of this work led to the development of Airfloss.

Airfloss uses air and micro-droplet technology, an intuitive and user-friendly guidance tip to ensure correct placement and a comfortable ergonomic handle to maximize effectiveness. The product has been shown to help improve gum health in just two weeks, preventing cavities between teeth and removing more plaque between teeth than other cleaning methods.


  • Airfloss has won multiple awards, including Beauty Product of the Year 2013


“I’ve worked with Maddock Douglas at multiple companies, including Philips. MD has a rare ability to find significant unmet needs, create unique solutions and make you smile along the way.” —CEO, Sonicare

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