Secret #9: Be Attractive. Don’t Be Unattractive.

This is the ninth in the 12-part series, "12 Secrets To Attracting Investors To Your Startup"

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Secret #4. Don’t Dream Big. Design Big.

This is the fourth in the 12-part series, “12 Secrets To Attracting Investors To Your Startup”

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Forbes Culture Police

How To See More Productive Smiles At Work

Three Simple Techniques To Create A Better Culture Imagine going to the doctor for a series of expensive tests. Weeks…

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Happiness Is A Choice

Three Simple Ways To Create More Happiness At Work, At Home And In Life Here’s the easiest quiz you’ll ever take: “April showers bring May flowers” was coined by: a)     A grumpy old

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[Video] Jar Talk No. 4: Marketing Vs. Legal

Does your organization fail to capture innovation white space opportunities because they are playing the “blame game”? We call that “dark space.” Can you relate? …

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[Video] Jar Talk No. 3: Financial Advisor Vs. The Prosumer

A prosumer is what happens when the new consumer becomes an expert. See how it impacts today’s financial advisor. Let’s help them get their groove back, shall we? Based on

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[Video] Jar Talk No. 2: Back Office Person Vs. The Big Producer

Do independent financial services entrepreneurs do better when they find a yin for their yang? We call him an Idea Monkey, and her a (Ring)leader. See how they do as

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[Video] Jar Talk No. 1: BGA Vs. The Big Producer

Is independent distribution suffering from the impacts of a shrinking and aging producer base and commoditization? Here is a dialogue that may be either ridiculous or somewhat familiar. You decide.

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IT Blame: The Innovation Copout

Ok, cut it out. I know you are doing it. See … wait, you just did it again. You did it yesterday. You did it today. You’ve been doing it

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Three Reasons Business Professors Deserve An “F”

Here’s the thing … getting advice from a professor who has never run a business is a lot like getting marriage advice from a priest. In both cases, the experts made a choice not to engage in the activity on which they are now advising. That just feels like a flawed strategy to me.

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