Are You An Idea Monkey Or A (Ring)leader?

Knowing which one you are is a game-changer in work, in life, and especially when it comes to innovation. That’s what this website is all about! But, it’s not always obvious where our strengths lie. So, we created this quiz to help uncover your hidden strengths.

In just two minutes, find out if you’re an Idea Monkey or a (Ring)leader. Then start making changes in your work that opens doors for innovation. Idea Monkeys, embrace your inner dreamer and start breaking new ground. Ring(leaders), use your leadership know-how to change your organization, even your industry!

Take the quiz now and you’ll also get access to helpful, actionable tips from me on how to excel in your role as Idea Monkey or (Ring)leader. Or–perhaps more importantly–how to help your work colleagues succeed!

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