Global Expert Network

At Maddock Douglas we often say, “You can’t read the label when you are sitting inside the jar.” This embodies our philosophy that sometimes market-defying, cutting-edge ideas and movements do not come from seasoned professionals in your industry but rather from people of other backgrounds and expertise who can provide “outside-the-jar” perspectives.

To ensure we deliver on our promise to help courageous leaders like you steer your company through major market changes and increase your likelihood for success, we provide advisory services from our Global Expert Network℠—a community of international entrepreneurs, professionals and specialists that infuses new perspectives and energy into every aspect of our proven process to create relevant but unexpected insights and ideas.

A snapshot of experts that exist in our database:

  • Lead Airline Technology Engineer
  • Ph.D., Behavior Therapist
  • Director, National Council of Aging
  • Industrial Designers
  • Kids Toy Inventor
  • Ph.D., Interactive Medicine
  • Trend Experts: Aging, Fashion, Food, Health, Holistic, Medicine, etc.
  • CMO, Leading Coffee Company
  • V.P. Level Marketers: Airline, Automotive, Beverage, Chemical, Coatings, Communications, Engineering, Food, Gaming, Packaging, Recreation, Travel, etc.

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