Nicole Wojcik

Nicole Wojcik

Nicole Wojcik

I connect leaders around the World with the subject matter experts at Maddock Douglas that are best suited to solve their innovation challenges and accelerate growth strategies.

How do you inspire and empower clients to find “what’s next” for their organizations?

My role is to put leaders tasked with a business challenge at ease by partnering them with the innovation expert at MD that is best suited to de-risk their journey, empower a new way of thinking and ultimately co-create an exciting solution for the specific problem at hand.

If you are tasked with growth, improving customer experience or creating a more inspired and innovative culture, let’s talk. I’ve got a few people you should meet.

What’s your story?

Forever the extrovert, problem solver and connector. I’m still the kid that smiled and talked to strangers in the grocery line, I just can’t help it.

First job was in Marketing. Founder of a small business.

Fought my way to the top of a Fortune 500. Fortunate to call Maddock Douglas home.

Eastern Illinois University.

Nicole in 30 seconds:

Gold ENFJ chocolate Sinatra the brethren steel magnolias golf decorating traveling dinner with friends piano on a beach shoes passport EIU special operations Chicago sports analytic competitive vocal loving fierce prosperity happiness act change management ambitious tactical sarcastic first born my big polish family woj rosie bear. Cole

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