L. Miguel Encarnação, Ph.D.

L. Miguel Encarnação, Ph.D.

L. Miguel Encarnação, Ph.D.

Dr. L. Miguel Encarnação is an executive innovation management consultant and organizational innovation orchestrator with a passion for creating sustainable innovation cultures by applying design thinking to systemic transformation. By looking at innovation from an ecosystem’s perspective, he is moving with his innovation work seamlessly between different stages of the innovation pipeline, from basic research to commercialization, identifying patterns, creating surprising insights, and helping his diverse customers to recognize and to connect them.

As a cross-industry innovation practitioner for nearly two decades, entrepreneur, research scientist, educator and data geek, Dr. Encarnação led innovation and transformation efforts across industries and organizational structures. Whether as Chief Innovation Officer at large nonprofit organizations in the educational industry, leading emerging technology innovation in health care at Fortune 100 health care companies, founding and directing a nonprofit vocational school of higher education, or leading advanced applied technology R&D and international for-profit spin-off activities in large global networks of applied research and development, Dr. Encarnação is known for his experience in bridging the gap between R&D and business model innovation by applying design thinking to innovation strategy and cultural transformation.

With all this emphasis on process and technology, he has, however, never forgotten about the key element to successful innovation: The human factor. His emphasis on people, their values, intrinsic motivations and their social context is what makes his approach to creating sustainable cultures of innovation so effective and accelerates internal buy-in to change and external adoption of innovation.

Remaining connected to the academic community and loyal to his scientific roots, Dr. Encarnação is also an adjunct professor of computer science, the editor-in-chief of the IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications magazine, a regular keynote speaker at innovation and scientific conferences, and the author of books and numerous contributions to peer-reviewed journals and conferences. A German native of Portuguese descent, Dr. Encarnação received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from German universities with an emphasis on Human-Computer Interaction and Data Visualization.

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