Debbie Schwartz

Debbie Schwartz

Debbie Schwartz

As her business name implies, Debbie loves a blank page. Creating something out of nothing is her unique expertise. Debbie has distinguished herself as a bold and imaginative innovation practitioner in fields as diverse as hospitality management, marketing, insurance and education. A successful entrepreneur, Debbie and her husband renovated their first home to create, market and sell a stylish (and thriving) bed and breakfast. Outside-the-box thinking has powered Debbie’s recent endeavors, which have included applying lean startup principles to a Montessori preschool and lending her talents to a number of startups in the health care and technology industries.

As chief navigator at Blank Page Advisory, Debbie applies those same creative instincts to her work, guiding corporations through the sometimes treacherous process of innovation activation. Drawing on years of corporate experience as a driving force behind the creation of Transamerica Direct business unit, founder of the Transamerica Center for Health Studies, and co-founder of Transamerica’s Innovation Center, Debbie’s approach begins with laying the cultural foundation for success and builds from there to include intrapreneurship, innovation metrics and identification of appropriate best practice methodologies based on the unique needs of her clients.

Debbie comes by her aptitude for “tech speak” honestly having grown up in a family of technology entrepreneurs. A curious and fast learner, she thrives on exploring new industries and excels at adapting core innovation strategy principles to a variety of organizational challenges.

Debbie holds a Master of Business Administration degree in marketing management from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in organizational communication from Rollins College.

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